About HAPS

Houston Area Parkinson Society (HAPS) is a non-profit organization that serves, educates and advocates for those affected by Parkinson’s disease in our community. Founded in 1974, HAPS is one of the oldest independent, local Parkinson’s disease social service organizations in the United States providing comprehensive specialized support to those with Parkinson’s and their families in the eight-county greater Houston area.

HAPS offers numerous programs and services to the Parkinson’s community. Nearly 50 weekly in-person and virtual exercise classes including boxing, yoga, full-body aerobics, dance, Tai Chi, water exercise, strength and endurance, ping pong, speech, and PWR!Moves are led either by physical, occupational, or speech therapists, or those who are licensed or certified in their field. In addition to physical exercise, HAPS creates a sense of community and a place to socialize. Enrichment activities such as Women and PD, Game Night, book club, and holiday events offer a lighthearted and fun environment for people to connect with others.

Monthly professionally facilitated support groups bring people together with a goal of making emotional and mental well-being a priority. These groups allow participants to share experiences and engage in discussions that are proactive and productive. 

HAPS also provides transportation services to and from physician visits and HAPS events. Social services are available and include access to social workers for individual and family consultations, case management, and home visits; respite care and financial assistance. Throughout the year, HAPS offers educational programs covering a multitude of disease specific topics and a monthly newsletter to keep the community informed on Parkinson’s related news and events.

All services and programs are free of charge to those with Parkinson’s and their care partners or caregivers.

Many people know the basic facts about Parkinson’s disease–and what they know frightens them. But that’s a narrow view, it’s one small picture in the Parkinson’s story. Anyone who has ever met a person living with Parkinson’s knows that the diagnosis is just one part of who they are.

It’s true that Parkinson’s can touch every area of life. That’s why HAPS’ comprehensive approach includes therapeutic, social and educational resources tailored to match what Houstonians have told us they want and need. Because no one should face Parkinson’s alone, we work to create a tight-knit community within the larger community; a place where individuals come together not only to receive, but to provide meaningful support throughout their Parkinson’s journey.

How we communicate our message  is a true reflection of how we have always operated:


By using a whole-human approach to community building, we reduce the fear and isolation associated with a Parkinson’s diagnosis.


We exist to ensure that no one faces a Parkinson’s diagnosis alone.


We see a world in which all affected by Parkinson’s have the hope and confidence and support needed to live life to its fullest.

As an organization, we are guided by compassion, fueled by optimism, and driven to make an impact. These values and behaviors guide both programming and leadership at all levels. We know that living with Parkinson’s can be challenging, overwhelming, and sometimes isolating. Our goal is to acknowledge this, find ways to work around these issues, and help bring life back into focus. HAPS exists to provide a clearer, brighter, fuller picture of what living with Parkinson’s is and can be; and HAPS will continue to provide services and offer programs that enrich and engage, educate, and empower.

As we work on behalf of the Parkinson’s community to improve understanding of PD and the needs of those living with the disease, we want to make sure that we share both the realities of Parkinson’s and the bright spots, the hope, and the meaning of the lives of those who live with this disease every day.

As always, it is our community that is at the forefront of our mission and our service.